Allen Sostrin from USA
Dr. Bala,  as I sit here I realize how much you, the wonderful staff and the people of Tamil Nadu have done for me. All alone, by myself in a strange land all of you made me feel I was part of a family. Everyone showed me so much love. As I sit here I miss the hospital so much and I wish that I was there again. No only did you fix me, but all of you healed me. As I told you before, I was a broken man when I got there and now I have my life back thanks to all of you. I realize now that Tamil Nadu is not just a state it is a country with your own language, customs and way of life so now when I say I love India of course I do. I love Tamil Nadu even more. Life is a journey, there are many paths. I know that soon some day our paths will cross again. I want to say to you that anything I can do for you please consider me at your service for my friendship with you is one of the great friendships I've enjoyed in this world. I hope I have given voice to my eternal gratitude. For 13 long years people would ask me who was my doctor and I swear I would tell them you were and still are. Thank you my friend. 
Harry from Newzealand
My name is Harry from New Zealand, I had a hip replacement  by Dr. Balasubramanian at Bragathi Hospitalon 11thMay 2013 , I could hardly walk by this stage and after the surgery the results were amazing 6months later, I was kite surfing in the philippiness and in June 2014 done a 60km 3 days walk in Burma with no problems. No pain and great movement he done a great job at a fraction of the cost of Australia and New Zealand.
Fast forward to 2017 my right hip was so bad, I could hardly move with constant pain, so I contacted Dr . Bala at Bragathi Hospital and he operated on the 4th of May 2017 6th of May 1 was on a walker.12th of May I was walking unaided and will fly back to the Philippines 25th May. I highly recommend anyone thinking of hip replacement or hip resurfacing to contact Dr.Bala as the whole procedure was carried out very professionally by a very competent surgeon and great hospital staff.
I am very happy with the results and am looking forward to a normal active life.

Isabelle Mayoux  from  France
Je suis ce que l'on appelle communement une femme active. Sportive depuis de nombreuses annees sans exces je pense mais de facon a rester en forme et profiter de la vie. J'ai toujours marche "beaucoup", plusieurs heures ou des treks dans les montagnes ne m'ont jamais fait peur au contraire... Depuis presque 10 ans je vis au Perou a la montagne justement dans la ville de Cusco (q'osqo en quechua !). J'exerce la profession de guide, culturel pas de haute montagne mais je guide Machu picchu frequemment et marche tous les jours beaucoup lorsque je travaille comme accompagnatrice avec des groupes. Il y a a peu pres cinq ans qu'une douleur genante est apparu. J'ai essaye de trouver ce qui m'arrivait ne pensant absolument pas que l'arthrose pouvait en etre la cause (je n'avais que 37 ans !). Une radiographie ne laissera aucun doute. On me dit que c'est leger que je peux vivre avec des annees encore. Helas, peut etre du a mon activite qui sollicite des efforts constants l'usure a ete rapide et ces derniers mois je